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Aegend Official Amazon $1000 Gift Cards Giveaway Winners List.
To encourage more and more customers to interact with us actively, we created the Aegend Rewards program. Aegend Official conducts a $1000 Amazon Gift Card($500 gift card for 1 winner + $100 gift card for 5 winners) giveaway every month, we also offer full rebates to 10 winners who purchased from Aegend or House Again. The winners would be announced by @aegend.official Instagram livestream on 5th of every month.
Meanwhile, we hope you can have a quick access to check previous winners so we would also announce all the winners here. If you didn't win the gift card or get full rebates, it doesn't mean you didn't get anything because we've also got Free Testing events from which all the participants can apply for free items from Aegend official store. If you are interested, please contact, we love to hear from you!

Winners List In July:

Cash Back Winners:  
Megan Ro Meganr**
Shilpa J kambham**
Mike K michaelek**
Carolina C cappe***
Emily R jacy**
Justin K justin**
Gahi K snoo**
Mike S icaru**
Diana G gan**
Cary B S cste**
$100 Amazon Gift Card Winners:
Milly V millyv**
Jimmy J jimm**
Elizabeth P quee**
Larry J Larry**
Tera C terac**
$500 Amazon Gift Card Winners:
Monica M ang**

Winners List In Jun:

Cash Back Winners:  
Howard B L Ame**
Poornima L plank**
Russell J Rlja**
Anne B Anne**
Oleksandr P lugan**
Alexis B alexis**
Jackquelyn Lflawl**
Eric Sels1**
Stephen O naija4**
Laurie  M lauriely**
$100 Amazon Gift Card Winners:
janelle                    janell**
Delia M d.mas**
Vaughn A blessi**
Amu M jenna**
linda k jersey**
$500 Amazon Gift Card Winners:
Stephanie B cleo**

Winners List In May:

Cash Back Winners:  
Joyen V Joyen**
Samantha E sama**
Mitchell R rdnc**
Vaitzman D nok**
Daniella M dm**
Jack R Hr j.hill**
James D jmd**
William T Wt8**
Katy G Gi**
Anthony S anthon**
$100 Amazon Gift Card Winners:
Chip A moont**
Mike G buickg**
Kelly L kellg**
Melissa V glitter**
PHILIP P pcpo**
$500 Amazon Gift Card Winners:
Lawrence P wantto**

Winners List In Apr:

Cash Back Winners:  
Mike C mike@fi**
Anders Y ande***
Lauren c
Gerard L gerard**
Laila M Laila**
Cassidy M cass**
Jeremy P jerem**
Regine C regin**
Joseph F jp**
$100 Amazon Gift Card Winners:
Michael P micha**
Swaroopa s swaroopa**
Becky  B beckybir**
Julie R jhowe**
Jennifer P jjpke**
$500 Amazon Gift Card Winners:
Jeff C jffrycl**

Winner List In Mar:

Cash Back Winners:  
Seth V vse**
Lei Q Rv**
Michael Rmj**
Thomas Ntom**
Alicia M Ad**
Simone b sim**
Erin G erin**
Daniel Y bea**
Modou R mo**
Tim L yal**
$100 Amazon Gift Card Winners:
Colton J colt**
Sara K sa**
Matthew J Ma**
Eugene R anya**
$500 Amazon Gift Card Winners:
Tim L yali**


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